Learn about the history of San Fernando. The pattern of Sevilla

By on 29 May 2017

Fernando III, Patron Saint of Sevilla, son of Alfonso IX and Berenguela, Zamora was born in the town of Valparaiso (1199 O 1201). After the death of Enrique I (1217) and his father Alfonso IX (1230), it was his cousin, rejoins the crowns of Castile and Leon.

Impeller de la Reconquista in 1224, Leon managed to turn the Castilian crown in the larger territory of Spain, thanks to the conquest of the lower Guadalquivir: Córdoba (1236), Jaén (1246) and Sevilla (1248), with the help d ela fleet of Ramón Bonifaz, SLAM party staying as domain zones Cádiz, subsequently conquered by his son Alfonso X and Kingdom of Granada, conquered by the Catholic Monarchs.
He died in the year 1252, He is buried in the Royal Chapel of the Cathedral of Seville at the foot of the Patroness of Sevilla, Our Lady of the Kings and canonized in 1671. His name day is celebrated on 30 of May, his body being exposed uncorrupted.
King Fernando III is finally united the kingdoms of Castile and Leon. It was the major impetus for the Reconquista, occupying between 1236 Y 1248 Guadalquivir Valley, including major Jaén, Córdoba and of course Sevilla.
Sevilla was taking a long military campaign, punctuated by legendary episodes (it is said that Ferdinand III had a vision of the Virgin announcing the capture of Seville; who once introduced and dressed only in town to study their defenses from within; or what, Stitched do with his hands a banner with the image of the Virgin that an enemy had broken arrow, The Guild of Tailors received him as a teacher). At the end, he 23 November 1248, the last Muslim leader of Sevilla, Abul Hasan Fernando III handed the keys to Sevilla.
Since then, until his death four years later, rey don Fernando he reorganized and Christianized the city. He awarded the Jurisdiction of Toledo, founded convents and parishes and performed the diversities of houses and lands among his knights.
Fernando III dies in the palace of Seville in 1252, and it is buried in the old mosque, and converted into a cathedral.
The city has always venerated the memory of King Ferdinand, considered the Christian refounding of Seville, in which figure pooled warrior, the legislator and the man of faith. That veneration peaked after the canonization of King in the seventeenth century. Since then, in San Fernando, the city was not only a symbol, but a patron saint and protector.
Source: Official website of the Association of the Faithful of Our Lady of the Kings and San Fernando.

30 May at 8:30 AM12:45 PM

08.30: Celebration of the Eucharist, chairs the dean of the Cathedral Chapter, Teodoro León. It will proceed to the opening of the urn of San Fernando.

09.30: Coral office and station to the Royal Chapel of the Metropolitan Council.

10.00: procession through the last ships and Mass at the Altar Coral.

12.00: Gun Mass in the Chapel Royal Engineers.

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