Nazarenos de la Semana Santa de Sevilla-together Represent the costaleros– the alma mater of our Holy and without any doubt Week is one of the facts that make Seville is the most important in the world. A Sevillian since they are very small, many from the day of his birth- and by family tradition from father to son, from grandparents to grandchildren… They made them brothers of-the brotherhood of the Barrio, or that it is tradition in the family- , which often accompany their station Penance (procession). There are three types of Nazarenes: Nazarenes cirio, the badge and cross (called penitents). Unlike the Nazarenes do not carry classic capirotes.

You can set ourselves as detail, during the course of many brotherhoods through the streets of Seville, many small children accompanying their robes, or nazareno put half on- their parents. Are the brothers of tomorrow, which will always be that Sevilla Sevilla.

You must fijaros well in the rite candies… “Nazareno give me candy” they ask-and some other children and not so young- Nazarenes (although for many is unknown some Nazarenes carry candy in their pockets to give to young children).

Nazareno de la Semana Santa de Sevilla

Nor to be missed detail of those big balls forming children with ceraque release the candles of the Nazarenes. By the way, wax speaking, It is quite common and I say this from experience- the clothes you wax stain, especially if instead of staying in one place waiting to take several brotherhoods, you move between them while respecting you can pass between the Nazarenes to find another Guildsman, although it is advisable to go through the sites marked for this purpose following the instructions of the security officials.

By the way, we must not forget that Seville whole is on the street these days, and not only Sevilla, but we visit people from all parts of Spain and abroad… And why I say this? Well easy, because in Seville at Easter born ” bulla”.. which is nothing more than a conglomeration of people who want to go at the same moment at the same place, forming the “human jams”. The Sevillano comfort with the noise and we invite our visitors to know her…

A good way to fight these agglomerations of people is rent a chair in the Official Career -place through which they pass necessarily all cofradías-. We can rent them from early morning in the area Cathedral (Constitution Avenue). The good news is that this way you can see all without going burdens, but the negative is that being seated and not move, we miss the various brotherhoods in its most characteristic and beautiful places. Through this article we want to guide them in the process of selecting Nazareno de la Semana Santa de SevillaThe outfit leads the Nazarene during the tour is the robe of his brotherhood. Should you to know that many choose it to bring it up at the last moment of his life. Until a few years ago it was only men who could realize the station of Penitence, but nowadays, are increasingly women accompanying their brotherhood during the procession.

Neither the lead capirotes “manigueteros” , so called because they are placed in the basket handle levers protruding from step. You must observe how these brothers are on the front and rear corners of the -place steps of honor. Cofrades are particularly relevant in the brotherhood.

If you look good, We can see many Nazarenes who go barefoot during the tour. This form of penance -suele made by a promise- It is supported by the brotherhoods in Seville.

Also in the course of the brotherhoods you will see other Sevillian who do their penance station:

-acolytes: Some are located in front of the step with a ciriales which raised when the step takes walks and nbajan when to. Others carry incense, which is leaving in the environment that smell so characteristic… Come closer and you can smell it!.

– Pertigueros: Mandan on the acolytes. Before each step, a beadle stands with a stick or pole vault silver (her give orders to the acolytes). Surely you striking your dress embroidered -woven- and large silver medal on his chest.

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