Proclamation of the Holy Week in Seville

The herald of the Holy Week in Seville of the year 2023 it will be Enrique Casellas.

as is traditional, on the eve of a new Easter, the Proclamation arrives at the Teatro de la Maestranza on this Passion Sunday. An appointment organized by the Council of Brotherhoods and that on this occasion it will be run by the Sevillian singer-songwriter Enrique Casellas.

It will be at 12.00 hours when the act begins with the interpretation of the new processional march “between night and day” (Manuel Marvizón) by the Municipal Symphonic Band of Seville directed by Francisco Javier Gutiérrez Juan. then, the delegate of Major Festivals, Juan Carlos Cabrera, will be in charge of presenting the town crier. And before Casellas begins his proclamation, the march will sound “bitterness” (Manuel Font de Anta).

We are facing one of the proclamations that has generated the most expectation in recent years and that will be noted in a theater where there will not be a single empty seat -the tickets sold out weeks ago-.

Follow live the opening speech of the Holy Week in Seville




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31-03-1968 Juan Delgado Alba Teatro San Fernando
23-03-1969 Sunday Manfredi Cano Teatro San Fernando
15-03-1970 José Sánchez Dubé Teatro Lope de Vega
28-04-1971 Antonio Hermosilla Molina Teatro Lope de Vega
19-03-1972 Ramon Martin Cartaya Teatro Lope de Vega
08-04-1973 José Ortiz Diaz Teatro Lope de Vega
31-03-1974 Ricardo Mena-Bernal Romero Teatro Lope de Vega
16-03-1975 Rafael Duque del Castillo Teatro Lope de Vega
04-04-1976 José L. Gomez de la Torre Teatro Lope de Vega
27-03-1977 Rafael Belmonte García Teatro Lope de Vega
12-03-1978 Antonio Soto Cartaya Teatro Lope de Vega
01-04-1979 Manuel Toro Martinez Teatro Lope de Vega
23-03-1980 Miguel Muruve Pérez Teatro Lope de Vega
05-04-1981 Alfredo Flores Pérez Teatro Lope de Vega
28-03-1982 Joseph J. Gómez González Teatro Lope de Vega
20-03-1983 Osborne Enrique Isasi Teatro Lope de Vega
08-04-1984 Vicente Acosta Dominguez Teatro Lope de Vega
24-03-1985 José L. Peinado Merchante Teatro Lope de Vega
26-03-1986 Francisco Morales Padrón Alvarez Quintero Theater
05-04-1987 Manuel Navarro Palacios Alvarez Quintero Theater
20-03-1988 Luis Rodriguez-Case Dosal Teatro Lope de Vega
12-03-1989 Juan Moya Sanabria Teatro Lope de Vega
01-04-1990 José L. García Garrido Bustamante Teatro Lope de Vega
17-03-1991 Jose Maria Rubio Rubio Teatro Lope de Vega
05-04-1992 Antonio Moreno Andrade Teatro Lope de Vega
28-03-1993 José Mª Javierre Ortas Teatro de la Maestranza
20-04-1994 Vicente García Caviedes Teatro de la Maestranza
02-04-1995 Juan Foronda Blasco Teatro de la Maestranza
24-03-1996 Carlos Colón Perales Teatro de la Maestranza
16-04-1997 Ignacio Montaño Jimenez Teatro de la Maestranza
29-03-1998 Juan Carlos Heras Sánchez Teatro de la Maestranza
28-03-1999 Eduardo del Rey Tirado Teatro de la Maestranza
09-04-2000 Joaquin Romero Caro Teatro de la Maestranza
01-04-2001 Carlos Herrera Crusset Teatro de la Maestranza
17-03-2002 Francisco J. Ruiz Torrent Teatro de la Maestranza
06-04-2003 Francisco Jose Vazquez Perea Teatro de la Maestranza
28-03-2004 Gabriel Garcia Rafael Teatro de la Maestranza
13-03-2005 Antonio Murciano Teatro de la Maestranza
02-04-2006 Ignacio Jimenez Sanchez-Dalp Teatro de la Maestranza
25-03-2007 Esquivias Enrique de la Cruz Teatro de la Maestranza
09-03-2008 Antonio Burgos Belinchón Teatro de la Maestranza
29-03-2009 Enrique Ortega Henares Teatro de la Maestranza
21-03-2010 Antonio García Barbeito Teatro de la Maestranza
10-04-2011 Fernando Cano-Mendez Romero Teatro de la Maestranza
25-03-2012 José Ignacio Pérez Franco Teatro de la Maestranza
17-03-2013 Francisco Javier Segura Marquez Teatro de la Maestranza
06-04-2014 Francisco Berjano Arenado Teatro de la Maestranza
22-03-2015 Lutgardo García Díaz Teatro de la Maestranza
13-03-2016 Rafael González-Serna Bono Teatro de la Maestranza
02-04-2017 Alberto García Reyes Teatro de la Maestranza
18-03-2018 José Ignacio del Rey Tirado Teatro de la Maestranza
07-04-2019 Charo Padilla Teatro de la Maestranza
03-04-2022 July Cost Teatro de la Maestranza
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